50mm Panoramas

We decided to make a trip to Bayfield, WI Ice caves, a famous attraction, in the winter the lake freezes and the lakeshore caves develop Icicles (A tapering structure hanging like from the roof of a cave, formed by frozen dripping water), it all happened so quick, I didn't have the time to prepare/rent gear for this amazing chance, so all I was able to get a grip of was a Nikon D800 "which is perfect choice for landscapes" with a 50mm lens (sad, isn't it!).
Driving to the caves was wonderful, full of planing of what I can do with what I have, and above all is to Enjoy., not to mention that everything planed went in vain as we opened the doors of our comfy warm car, to get struck by -20 F wind, and having to walk  for about 30 minutes to reach destination in a foot deep snow. add to that the number of people waiting in line to get to the same spot, like all the circumstances are against us.

Once I reached the caves area, couldn't resist on taking my camera out of my coat ( I kept it close to my body so it won't freeze ), started to take pictures but not really what I wished for, specially with all the crowed was there, but I was so fascinated with this cave, every one is taking pictures there, and there is no way I can get a single shot of this cave clean, nor cover it all in one shot.

The Technical part

I decided to take multiple images and stitch them all digitally, the 50mm here helped compressing the background closer to my foreground enhancing the detail of both.

here is how results out of camera looked like

Imported all into photoshop, stitched all together using File>Automate> photomerge 
I faced my own error which was failing to remember to manually control my exposure as you can see, which I had to correct manually.

And here is my final result after stamping and retouching for 3 hours 


- This was a lesson learned about planning. what equipment to use, equipment's operation temperature, location and so on.
- Also capturing 36MP RAW files, importing multiple in 16bit requires tons of memory and scratch disks, make sure you have enough.

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